Exprentis announces an investment overseas to expand its presence to Europe

Fairfax, Virginia, September 2015 – Exprentis Inc., a Virginia-based provider of compliance data analytics, knowledge engineering services, and cutting edge regulatory compliance technology, has invested in Exprentis S.A.- incorporated in Poland to support technological development by leveraging available IT talents and infrastructure in Eastern Europe.

Exprentis follows the trend of the last few decades of expanding the IT capabilities and resources beyond the US in order to compete in a very demanding and competitive market of applications and tools based on cutting edge technologies.
“The strategic combination of IT talent and capabilities available in Eastern Europe with the regulatory knowledge of Exprentis, Inc. significantly enhances our abilities to advance development and releases of the regulatory tools that Exprentis has in the development pipeline”, said Tom Dybala, Exprentis Founder & President. “We are very excited to expand to Europe in order to provide cost effective and technologically advanced regulatory compliance products to the financial services industry”.

About Exprentis, Inc.
Exprentis is a software solutions firm providing products and services targeted to the regulatory compliance and risk management needs of the financial services industry. Exprentis’ services include compliance data analytics, development of detection models, model optimization and validation, setup and enhancements of model risk management frameworks, and technology research and feasibility studies.  Exprentis has also developed technology solutions that integrate semantic technology and statistical methods to assist organizations with model governance and automated decision making. The Exprentis’ products suite provides cutting edge technological assistance in regulatory knowledge collection and management, enhancing regulatory processes with state of the art semantic knowledge bases, model optimization tools, and big data technology. For more information go to www.exprentis.com.