Exprentis captures its team valuable expertise in an operational knowledge graph.

Fairfax, Virginia, February 2019 – Exprentis Inc., an analytical solutions firm providing advanced RegTech services addressing challenges of the Financial Crime Risk Management (FCRM), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Trade Surveillance / Reporting, as well as Model Risk Management (MRM), uses its Resolvian technology platform to capture a vast amount of regulatory compliance experience and the analytical expertise of its team members in the form of an operational knowledge graph. Most professional services and financial firms struggle to maintain their human resources in order to preserve their corporate knowledge. Exprentis does it the innovative modern way. The Exprentis team’s human knowledge has been captured with the help of the Resolvian knowledge graph technology.

Resolvian is a generic problem resolution engine that supports flexible forms of evidence-based reasoning and machine learning. Resolvian uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods in the form of the knowledge graph and the semantic inference integrated with the Machine Learning (ML) computational and predictive algorithms and models to make deductive and predictive decisions about the gathered evidence. Resolvian can be configured as specialized intelligent assistants that can help either with financial crime investigations or with model risk management.

The Resolvian platform is a very modern stack of technology that is generic, domain-independent, and can be used to develop a number of specialized knowledge-based assistants. These assistants’ skills are defined by different knowledge graphs that deeply integrate specialized predictive models developed and trained using the Resolvian Learn and Compute functionality. Following this approach, Resolvian assistants come to live and they can act a specialized agents devoted to a narrow set of tasks, or they can form teams of artificial assistants acting as what is called the Resolvian Ensembles.

“Resolvian provides a platform where machine learning methods can find their place in the over-arching knowledge graph and semantic inference paradigm. This is a trend that we believe will become dominant in the modern and future applications of AI/ML technologies. “said James Lee, Lead of Knowledge and Data Engineering at Exprentis.


About Exprentis, Inc.
Exprentis is a specialized provider of advanced RegTech solutions and services targeting financial crime detection, trade surveillance, regulatory reporting and compliance, and risk management needs of the financial services industry. Analytical solutions and services provided by Exprentis balance more traditional and well established technologies with modern Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools and paradigms. Exprentis also developed the AI/ML-based Resolvian RegTech platform that operates as an ensemble of intelligent assistants that augment financial crime investigations and model risk management tasks. For more information go to www.exprentis.com and www.resolvian.com