Domain expertise empowered by a right set of technologies.

Domain expertise matters and is the key to achieving efficient processes and operations, but analytical tasks require the right set of technologies to produce outstanding results at an accelerated pace. At Exprentis, we employ the most advanced technology tools available to satisfy and exceed our customer demands.

Our efficiency in delivering analytical services and the quality of deliverables come also from the ability of our team members to use a whole palette of the right tools. Those technology tools cover all aspects of the regulatory compliance and risk management processes, and when combined with a deep subject matter expertise of our teams, they give unprecedented results.

Our teams are proficient and typically use the following technologies when executing analytical projects:

  • The Resolvian platform as a generic reasoning and learning engine for the alert analysis and risk assessment, and as a knowledge graph repository of information necessary for the Model Risk Management. Read more about¬†Resolvian product here.
  • Quantitative analysis tools like SAS, IBM/SPSS, analytical SQL functions embedded in the Oracle or IBM databases, and open source analytical tools like R or Python.
  • Machine Learning and NLP libraries available in open source tools R and Python and similar types of functionality available in commercial tools, like SAS.
  • Reporting and analytical functions embedded into the transaction monitoring systems (like Actimize SAM, SAS AML/TMS, Oracle FS AML), sanction screening name matching systems (like Fircosoft, Swift, Bridger), and various custom-built risk scoring systems.
  • Traditional relational databases based on SQL, as well as more modern NoSQL databases, especially those based on the graph technology and SPARQL standards.

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