Exprentis uses multi-strategy machine learning to achieve the best model performance.

Fairfax, Virginia, February 2019 – Exprentis Inc., an analytical solutions firm providing advanced RegTech services addressing challenges of the Financial Crime Risk Management (FCRM), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Trade Surveillance / Reporting, as well as Model Risk Management (MRM), applies multi-strategy machine learning (ML) methods to generate the best performing predictive models.

The Exprentis team uses the Resolvian technology platform, a generic problem resolution engine that supports flexible forms of evidence-based reasoning and machine learning to accomplish their modeling tasks. Resolvian uses the knowledge graph representation and the semantic inference integrated with the ML algorithms. Resolvian can generate predictive models, R or Python based, and then put those models in a direct use by embedding them in the deductive reasoning processes. The Resolvian platform can integrate types of models ranging from symbolic decision trees, through classic regression-based models, to computationally intensive deep learning neural nets.

Generated predictive models that become a part of Resolvian knowledge bases can also be self-documented and self-explanatory due to the use of the graph/ontology knowledge representation. This is a very important feature, especially for the applications related to the financial crime detection, financial fraud risk scoring, and model risk management.

The integration of the multi-strategy machine learning methods with the semantic inference and with elements of the ontology-based natural language processing create a very powerful technology platform with broad application possibilities.

“The integration of all of those components of the modern Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies required a lot of experience and persistence.  The Resolvian ML-prediction results augment existing business data and we start seeing excellent results that become better with each iteration. Exprentis is very enthusiastic that Resolvian  ML-prediction Tool  will give business customers an insight in their data and a competitive edge in solving business problems.” said Dr. Dennis Lee, the Head of Data Sciences at Exprentis.


About Exprentis, Inc.
Exprentis is a specialized provider of advanced RegTech solutions and services targeting financial crime detection, trade surveillance, regulatory reporting and compliance, and risk management needs of the financial services industry. Analytical solutions and services provided by Exprentis balance more traditional and well established technologies with modern Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools and paradigms. Exprentis also developed the AI/ML-based Resolvian RegTech platform that operates as an ensemble of intelligent assistants that augment financial crime investigations and model risk management tasks. For more information go to www.exprentis.com and www.resolvian.com