How We Work

At Exprentis, we’re passionate about what we do.

When you work with us, you really work with us.  We don’t pitch our senior staff, then outsource the work to junior members or sub-contractors. Your project will be handled by our whole team and all the senior staff members will be involved.

We believe in direct, open communication. This means we’re not afraid to tell our clients the facts, even if the facts are sometimes unpleasant.  You’ll get real answers to your questions and an upfront, uncensored analysis of your processes and systems.

We try to create project schedules that don’t interfere with client schedules. Most communication is performed remotely via conference calls, but we can arrange onsite visits and meetings.

We don’t generate long final reports unless absolutely necessary. Instead, our staff  develops a core analysis that targets the main issues and focuses on workable solutions. And we share all report and deliverable drafts with you so you have a chance to shape the final content.

Most projects last 3-6 months. Usually, we work on contract for a fixed price. Contract goals and limitations are well defined, but additional work can be added at cost.

What to expect during and after project

Identifying deficiencies and making improvements is a joint effort. We work closely with our customers, but we also work closely with your data.

Over the course of a project, you’ll find that our team is often quiet – working diligently behind the scenes on data mining tasks – but when the project dictates we’ll request frequent client meetings to share findings and obtain your  feedback.

If there are site visits, we will work with your staff to obtain data, facilitate updates, and discuss the project. Our consultations may also provide education and training, product or solutions demonstrations, and reviews on model changes.

Once a project is completed, if you have questions you can always give us a call.







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