Model Governance Solutions

Introduce order and clarity with knowledge engineering.

Developing and maintaining a transaction monitoring system involves more than software and database engineering.

Knowledge engineering is key.

In order to work effectively, regulations, corporate policies, and business logic embedded in model structures and parameters must be coherent and well organized. Unfortunately, many data analysts and software engineers don’t have the time or domain expertise to deal with the vast number of regulations, compliance policies, business procedures, and decision rules.

At Exprentis, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Our team can introduce order and consistency to your models and model library by:

  • Capturing regulatory and business subject matter knowledge
  • Embedding best business practices into system operations
  • Representing regulations, compliance policies and procedures
  • Tuning your alert generation and case management systems
  • Helping you to build an efficient model repository related to regulations and your internal policies

And streamlining development is only the beginning. Our system facilitates communication not only between business and technology staff, but also between people and technology systems. If you want to be sure you pass your next audit with high scores, an automated knowledge-based system can act behind the scenes – cross checking investigations and detailed decisions made by your staff.

To learn more about our services, please contact us.

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