Technology Research and Feasibility Studies

Determine How to Get to the Next Level

Transitioning from traditional software and data engineering to knowledge-driven semantic technologies can be a daunting task that raises a lot of important questions and concerns.

Is this change right for your organization? What will you need to effectively implement the transition?  How will you support and upgrade the new system? How long should you maintain the old one? What will it cost? Will it really meet your business needs?

The stakes are high. You need to meet the challenges of your industry, but poorly or incorrectly deployed technologies could end up costing you time, money and valuable resources.  But you don’t have to do it alone.

Take charge of your transition with our Technology Research and Feasibility Studies. These services include:

  • Assessment of off-the-shelf analytical and business monitoring products
  • Development of prototypes or demos of regulatory compliance systems
  • Guidance and consulting for software development teams, users, and stake holders
  • Evaluation and development of emerging semantic technologies, tools, and standards that are based on ontological and rule-based knowledge representation
  • Academic theoretical research on machine learning methods for knowledge acquisition and model development

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