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Exprentis – Providing Compliance Solutions for Financial Intelligence Units and Risk Management Departments 

Over the past two decades, large financial service firms have turned to technology to help streamline their approach to compliance and risk management. In an effort to better detect financial crimes and meet increasing regulatory demands, they have made huge investments in transaction monitoring and risk management platforms.

These platforms, which rely on analytical models, have different origins and characteristics. Some generate large numbers of alerts – resulting in hefty workloads for analysts and investigators.  Others don’t generate alerts at all or generate too few to be effective – increasing the risk that analysts will miss fraudulent behaviors. As a result, many financial firms are seeking solutions that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their analytical technologies and processes.

Exprentis has targeted its services and products at the heart of this issue. Our approach allows financial services firms to achieve better results with high-end monitoring solutions, streamline their analysis and investigation processes, and improve their return on investment.

Customers We Serve:

  • Banks
  • Brokerage firms
  • Stock exchanges
  • Regulatory agencies for the financial services industry
  • Technology firms providing financial service products

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