What Makes Us Subject Matter Experts?

We have a collective amount of 100 years of experience and unique skill sets in regulatory knowledge and data.

Exprentis employs only experienced and well versed experts in regulatory and practical aspects of the regulatory compliance business. We adopt and drive the standards that are used in regulatory processes and infrastructure at the large financial services firms.

Our team members have experience developing the monitoring systems you use today, programming scenarios and models, coordinating IT services, researching corporate practices, and managing fiscal projects for high level firms.

We want to expand access to regulatory knowledge and make it easy to understand.

Exprentis was created with the explicit mission of simplifying, proliferating, and expanding access to regulatory knowledge for financial services firms and its regulators. Our products and services are geared toward:

Condensing the large, unwieldy body of regulations and guidelines into an easily accessible and understandable framework

  • Improving the application of regulations and guidelines within businesses
  • Providing analysts and researchers with a database that can look up and define regulations

We want to improve monitoring systems, not just replace them.

Our goal is not to replace monitoring solutions, but to make them smarter and more efficient. Whether you’ve got an old system or a fresh out of the box solution, our products are designed to work in conjunction with your monitoring and business choices and maximize their performance.

We have a strong working relationship with the financial services industry.

Many of our current clients are top-notch firms that have international influence and global outlooks.  They choose Exprentis because we offer our clients flexible solutions, personalized service, and enhanced project security.

We support our clients.

We care about the success of your project because if you don’t meet your goals, neither do we. Our success, like yours, hinges on the improvement of the industry and the ultimate security of our financial systems and nation.

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