Exprentis completes its first Canadian contract

Fairfax, Virginia, March 2015 – Exprentis Inc., a Virginia-based provider of compliance data analytics and knowledge engineering services, has completed its first contract with a Canadian financial services firm. The firm offers banking services to individuals, commercial investors, and businesses. The Exprentis team performed customer risk data analysis and defined solutions to improve the company’s existing customer risk scoring model and operations of suspicious behavior detection system.

“We had a challenging project that covered high level AML risk program advisory functions as well as very detailed risk model designs and data analytics tasks. Balancing between those types of objectives was not easy, but we delivered high quality services and work products that were well received by our customers,” said Gaby Anaya, Exprentis’ Lead Business Analyst and Project Manager.

“We managed to define great enhancements to the risk model including diverse customer and account risk factors combined with transactional activity risk assessment,” added Dr. Dennis Lee, Lead Data Scientist at Exprentis.

About Exprentis, Inc.
Exprentis is a software solutions firm providing products and services targeted to the regulatory compliance and risk management needs of financial services firms. Exprentis’ services include compliance data analytics, development of analytical detection models, model optimization and validation, setup and enhancements of model risk management frameworks, and technology research and feasibility studies. Exprentis’ products include regulatory knowledge-based products that help to automate compliance processes, enhance workflows, and ensure consistency of alert and case investigations and reporting. For more information go to www.exprentis.com.