Model Optimization

Too many alerts? You could be playing with fire.

In today’s cost-cutting and highly regulated environment, compliance departments are being asked to monitor more and increasingly complex data. After a few years, many off-the-shelf analytical detection models bundled with transaction monitoring systems lose their effectiveness as business conditions change.

Compliance analysts using these systems begin to face two pressing  issues— poor alert quality and high alert volume. These alert issues can take up valuable analytical time and  resources. Resources you’d rather focus on more actionable alerts and case investigations. But regulators demand complete risk coverage and guarantees that alerts are never missed. With your company’s reputation at risk, doing nothing is not an option. You need to adapt to the evolving regulatory environment.

Exprentis can help. Our Model Optimization Service is designed to meet your specific business and compliance needs.

Key Advantages:

  • Smaller, better sets of results that are on time, target, and contain complete information
  • Fewer false positives and minimized missed alerts
  • An optimized system that improves your overall monitoring
  • Assure regulators and auditors that you don’t miss important and risky alerts
  • Present higher quality work items to analysts
  • Mitigate compliance risk by demonstrating good compliance practices to regulators and internal auditors

You’ll receive a full report with model optimization and alert scoring recommendations.

For more information on our services, please contact us.

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