Why Customers Choose Exprentis

The internet has made most face-to-face interactions between businesses and their customers a thing of the past. Information can now be shared instantaneously and financial decisions and transactions are possible in minutes rather than days or weeks. But this hyper-connectivity has also created immense security risks for financial institutions.

Governments and firms have responded with a host of security guidelines and compliance regulations. Unfortunately, the growing complexity of these best practices has created a bog of regulatory knowledge that even the best analysts can find challenging to ford.

Technology companies have tried to ease this burden by creating monitoring systems, but as these systems age they start become obsolete. New systems are expensive to develop and can mean costly business reorganizations. Financial firms need companies who not only have the vision to create new monitoring solutions, but who can bridge design gaps and improve and protect existing systems.

That’s where we come in.

We understand the systems you use because in many cases we helped develop those systems.  We know what it’s like trying to keep your head above water in the endless sea of guidelines and monitoring glitches. And we’ve felt the  frustration of trying fix long standing problems amid office politics and financial red tape.

We’re here to help you bridge the gap. We can extend the life of your monitoring system, scenario models, and business processes. And when you’re ready for a new solution, we can help you make the right choice – one that’s cost effective and appropriate for your business.


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