Our Company

Exprentis, Inc. is a privately held software solutions firm headquartered in Merrifield, Virginia. We specialize in assisting financial services firms with regulatory and risk management needs. We offer analytical services, technology solutions, and reusable knowledge components for compliance, risk management, and business monitoring systems.

Exprentis, Inc. opened a wholly owned subsidiary in Poland to establish its presence in Europe and to leverage the talent and resources available in Eastern and Central European countries. The initial mission of Exprentis S.A. will be to help with development of a new generation of the Resolvian products that rely on the advanced semantic and big data technologies.

Our Mission

Exprentis was founded to develop and market a new line of specialized regulatory compliance assistants that would enable firms to effectively streamline and fine tune their compliance and risk management operations.

Our mission is to improve compliance functions by better representation, organization, and utilization of regulatory knowledge.


Our Expertise

Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

– Compliance matters related to: AML, Securities Trading, Energy & Commodity Trading

– Fraud Detection

– Risk Modeling and Risk Management

– Compliance Analytics

– Model Development, Optimization, Validation, Governance

– Model Repositories and Regulatory Knowledge Bases

– Regulatory Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering

– Compliance Technologies: Oracle (Mantas), Actimize, SAS, R, IBM/SPSS, Norkom, Search Space, and many others

– Semantic technologies and automated reasoning systems based on: RDF, OWL, SWRL, RIF, and many others

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