Exprentis issued a white paper titled “Governance of Analytical Model – Framework, Method, Tools, and Processes”

Fairfax, Virginia, March 2016 – Exprentis Inc., a Virginia-based provider of compliance data analytics, knowledge engineering services, and cutting edge regulatory compliance technology, has responded to growing demands for a more structured approach to regulatory risk management by issuing a new white paper  titled, “Governance of Analytical Model – Framework, Methods, Tools , and Processes”, that provides a comprehensive overview of  processes , tools, and practical tips  for governing regulatory surveillance models.

Financial services firms utilize a large number of analytical models to support their business operations. These models introduce significant business and financial risks because they drive critical decisions. This makes the definition and implementation of well-structured Model Governance Frameworks an imperative for financial organizations who want to ensure optimal model management, optimization, and validation.  This white paper provides an overview of the methods, tools, processes, and best practices relevant to the development and maintenance of analytical models. It also outlines the Exprentis approach to Model Governance and highlights integral issues that impact the industry. The paper is intended for compliance program managers, model management and vetting teams, quantitative analysts, compliance analysts, and compliance technology specialists who are interested in learning more about model development topics, including optimization, configuration, and the benefits of regular model validation and maintenance. All of the aspects of model governance discussed in this paper play a critical role in ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, and in reducing an organization’s risk exposure.

The paper shows how model governance needs can be addressed by defining a comprehensive framework that is composed of a collection of analytical methods, tools, document templates, and supporting business processes and procedures.  Request your copy of the white paper via the Contacts page.

About Exprentis, Inc.
Exprentis is a software solutions firm providing products and services targeted to the regulatory compliance and risk management needs of the financial services industry. Exprentis’ services include compliance data analytics, development of detection models, model optimization and validation, setup and enhancements of model risk management frameworks, and technology research and feasibility studies.  Exprentis has also developed technology solutions that integrate semantic technology and statistical methods to assist organizations with model governance and automated decision making. The Exprentis’ products suite provides cutting edge technological assistance in regulatory knowledge collection and management, enhancing regulatory processes with state of the art semantic knowledge bases, model optimization tools, and big data technology. For more information go to www.exprentis.com.