Exprentis issued a white paper “Overview of Customer Risk Ranking – Risk Factors, Methodology, Tools, and Ranking”

Fairfax, Virginia, June 2016 – Exprentis Inc., a Virginia-based provider of compliance data analytics, knowledge engineering services, and cutting edge regulatory compliance technology issued a white paper, “Overview of Customer Risk Ranking – Risk Factors, Methodology, Tools, and Ranking”, that summarizes the best practices and industry standards in developing a customer risk assessment and modeling framework.

The ever changing regulatory compliance market requires versatile processes and methodologies. The Bank Secrecy Act is mandating that a “strong BSA/AML compliance program adopts and implements customer due diligence (CDD) policies, procedures, and processes for all customers, particularly those that present a higher risk for money laundering and terrorist financing.” 1 Assessment of customer risk is the cornerstone of a CDD program that incorporates Know Your Customer (KYC) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) processes.

“This white paper issued by Exprentis should clarify many outstanding questions on customer risk ranking methodologies and requirements”, said Tom Dybala – Exprentis Founder & President. “It is very rewarding to be able to share with the financial services industry our vast experience and practitioner’s view on the CARR model design and process requirements.”

1 Bank Secrecy Act – AML Examination Manual

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