Exprentis signs logistics information contract.

Fairfax, Virginia,  – Exprentis Inc., a Virginia-based provider of data mining and knowledge engineering services, signed a new contract with a logistics informatics solutions provider for specialized applications such as warehouse management, asset management, and cargo tracking systems.

The Exprentis team will help to improve analytics and decision support functions by performing exploratory data analysis and pattern recognition. A special focus of the planned services will be the identification and definition of patterns representing sequences of events that may indicate suspicious or unusual asset movements. This type of event sequences detection will lead to alert generation and better management of assets. The Exprentis team will use advanced data mining tools to fulfill the project objectives.

“We are going to add advanced analytics to the system that uses a variety of asset status and location data collected in real time,” said Roman Vichr, Project Manager and Exprentis Principal. “When those new analytical features are added to the system, users will be able to use their asset control and security functions much more efficiently.”

About Exprentis, Inc.
Exprentis is a software solutions firm providing products and services targeted to the regulatory compliance and risk management needs of financial services firms. Exprentis’ services include analytical model analysis and fine tuning, creation of custom scenarios or detection models, technology research and feasibility studies, and regulatory knowledge engineering. Exprentis’ products include knowledge bases and software agents that help to automate compliance processes, enhance workflow, ensure consistency of analysis and reporting, and improve return on investment in high end monitoring solutions. For more information go to www.exprentis.com.